With a good sized chunk of the VHF spectrum up for grabs it was no surprise that we thought there could be a CB Radio allocation coming our way soon. In true style the powers that be are seriously dragging their heels and its unsure when (of even if) this next evolution of citizens band will appear.

vhf cb radio

The consultation period ended so long ago and as usual not much has happened since. History has told us that the wheels move very slowly when it comes to non commercial radio but lets hope something gets resolved (either way) a whole lot faster than the sideband issue took.

Come One, Come All

A roll out of a compatible system over at least a good chunk of Europe will make the idea of getting together new equipment more attractive for the user. Even though signals in the 2 meter region are largely line of site, it isn’t always this way and propagation will be throwing us something close to the long range communication we get on 27 MHz at some point in the future.

Of course any reasonable performance is based on not being saddled with a stupid low power output and highly restrictive antenna designs. Perhaps over time we could get a good infrastructure on the go based on the ham 2meter model and stop messing around (legally or not) with the low power 446MHz stuff.

Everything’s In Place

With very cheap radios like the Baofeng more than capable of being used on a new VHF CB system, equipment cost could be very low provided any restrictions (mainly power) don’t rule them out. And don’t forget the mountain of aging PMR gear that’s just lying around now services have started to move to the higher frequency trunking systems.

The 6 MHz section of radio real estate is more than enough room to give us at least 20 channels somewhere in the abandoned radio spectrum. If that turns out to be given under rules and regulations that will help the system flourish, is yet to be seen.

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