Just imagine how many CB radios were produced worldwide before and after legalization, even taking into account the amount of people who live to collect these shiny toys and turning large areas of their homes over to a Citizen Band radio museum it still leaves a huge amount of rigs hanging about somewhere.

Uniden Washington CB Radio Base StatonThere is still a roaring trade in CB radios online across many of the auction sites like eBay but considering the numbers made this is still a small percentage compared to the total that must be out there somewhere.

I suspect that as the price of second hand mass produced vintage rigs has dropped they have become less attractive to sell and many are stuck in a cupboard somewhere gathering dust.

The Dream

How good would it be to organize a worldwide CB radio reactivation day with as many as possible of these “forgetting” gems dragged screaming into the light and put back on the air. Wouldn’t it be great to hear the bands alive again with the level of users that some of us old timers still remember, and maybe just maybe this would encourage a longer lasting re-population of 27mhz giving CB a much needed shot in the arm.

Add to these mothballed set the many ex CB users who have taken the next step up to amateur radio but still have the capacity to transmit on 27mhz and it could be one hell of a day.

Some countries have managed to hold onto CB users much better than others with the USA and Poland among the few places still having a good quantity of active breakers. All those strong overseas transmissions that sometimes used to make local communications impossible at certain times of the year (sunspot cycle willing) were always annoying but I could most likely put up with them now to at least have a hint of increased CB activity.

Here in the United Kingdom CB has become very quiet in recent years with the best chance of hearing any activity being in and around the bigger cities, receiving anything living out in the sticks usually means an impressive antenna system or a nice spot of high ground. To ease my empty channel phobia I like to take a handheld set when mountain climbing to enjoy the benefits of the line of sight aspect of CB transmissions and have had many enjoyable QSO’s at altitude.

If one day I ever get any type of political power you can bet that using the CB radio at least once a week will become law or maybe up its use by some sort of tax incentive.

To the dream!


CB radio photo courtesy Wikipedia

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