Not many CB radio manufactures have capitalized on a platform as Cobra has with the 29 LX range. In the past decoration on a CB was usually applied with varying degrees of success using after market modifications performed by the owner mainly involving large stickers and maybe a few colored markers.

But Cobra have now released 4 distinct versions of the same platform with three of them having their own style of case or lid. Don’t get us wrong its an impressive CB radio and we have nothing against any business trying to maximize profits from all the initial design and testing that goes into making a new radio but waiting for one of the greats to send us new CB technology is a painful process.

Here’s a quick rundown of the different models (so far).

Cobra 29 Versions In Order of Release…

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29 LX
Cobra 29 LX cb radioThe original flavor of 29 that set the standard for everything to follow.

29 LX CHR LE LXShiny! With the same specs as the LX but instead of painting the case they had it chromed and polished, just try not to scratch it.

29 LX BT
29LXBT CB radio

Back to the original black case this model was the first to connect Bluetooth and CB together which judging by the threads running on forums at the time caused a little bit of confusion. Many were not sure about the way the Bluetooth could actually be used in relation to connecting devices to the 29 LX BT.

29 LX CAMOCobra Electronics 29 LX CAMO cb radio

When the camo version came out we asked around out local CB community for opinions and were very surprised with the results. The underlying thought was that it looked good along with making it stand out from the countless “black boxes” that dominated the market.

One interesting suggestion was to run a promotional advertising campaign where we all send Cobra our ideas for what style we would like to see next, sort of like Walkers crisps do every so often. The prize would be easy, just give away one of the brand new sets to the persons design that gets picked.

Take away the special case styles and the Bluetooth leaves a big saving as the basic 29LX can be purchased reasonably cheaply now. For full details of the 29 LX range along with customer reviews and pricing click here.

Do you Really Care?

In a way this post is a slightly off topic carry on from the last one where we talked about if you care about how a CB looks provided it works.

Depending on where and how these rigs are mounted you may not care about a shiny or camo case. If by some chance you have a dashboard big enough to fit one of these monsters in your unlikely to care how shiny the case is or if its invisible among tress in the fall. But they can make a stunning center piece to any radio setup in the shack, 29LX in the middle with Amstard 901’s to the left and right 🙂

Have an opinion about the 29’s case styles?

Why not post them in the comment box below, after all that’s what its there for (hint hint).

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