Now over a year old How To CB Radio finished off last year in a strong position that sees no sign of slowing down as we speed our way into 2014. Since July 2013 this website has started gaining a boost with month on month increases in visitors not only from search engines but via the many links to our content that have been created on forums and social media networks.

Last year was a bit of a mash up with a slight lack of direction about where this website was going although with a careful look at the types of articles that you the visitor is enjoying the most we have laid down this strong plan of action for the following 12 months.

binatone-5-star-cb small

Our slightly Battered Binatone 5 star, still going strong despite it all

Field Days

Adding a bit of height to a CB radio setup works wonders for the range as any of you lucky users who happen to transmit from a decent hill of mountain will know. As the summer roles in we plan to break out of the house taking CB up a mountain or two for some over night activity.

Working out which antennas to drag up to altitude we decided to use a mixture of commercial types along with a selection of home brew wire antennas. Each antenna will then by judged on its practicality and performance with full details of how they were used outdoors and construction details should you wish to have a go yourself.

Vintage CB Equipment

Its no secret that we have a passion for the older type of CB equipment and having spent a few months sorting through our collection of old sets have decided this year some of the gaps are going to be filled. There’s nothing we like more than sorting through piles of old CB’s meaning more days out hunting down quality vintage equipment.

This section will have a common thread of how to spot the bad apples when it comes to buying vintage CB radio gear along with general tips for dealing with sellers and getting the best price.

Practical Articles

More articles about the finer points of CB are in the works ranging from tweaking setups, effective use of smaller antennas, making propagation work in your favor and many more. Having used CB radio in some less than ideal locations thought the years most of these articles will be coming from our own personal experience.

More in Depth Reviews

Looking back over the existing reviews we get the felling that more information could have been written about each piece of CB equipment we reviewed. To solve this there is a template being whipped up that reminds us of the most important details you the reader needs to know about any equipment (new of old).

The categories listed in the template will not be set in stone giving us the chance to add more information if we think something is being left out. With all reviews following the same structure its going to be easier for all of us to compare different equipment against each other.

Better Website Navigation

Easy access to all parts of this website has always been a priority but as the amount of content has grown we find the current way of doing things ais not good enough anymore. There is a major redesign of the main menu bar on the way with similar subjects grouped together allowing a more “intelligent” way to move from page to page.

And Finally…..

Our one dream is to create a lively forum attached to How To CB Radio but this is no small task. We decided that if it cant be done properly and in a way that’s going to last for years to come we wouldn’t do it at all. We are much closer to this goal than a few months ago and still hope to finally get it up and running in 2014.

We hope you continue to enjoy this website, we are always happy to hear from our readers so get in touch either through comments on site, via email (located at the top of every page) or by using the contact page.

Have a great year!

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