This is a Cobra 2010 GTL WX CB Radio Base Station that’s currently being auctioned off on Even though the unit is listed with an incorrect model number, its still attracting some attention (as you’d expect).

There’s some of the common cosmetic issues that come from normal use and nothing major that a little TLC couldn’t take care of if you (or somebody else) has the time. The only shame is the rig hasn’t had a full test as the seller doesn’t seem that clued up about the mechanics of CB radio. That said though, they have the unit powered up (half the battle) and its stated that the rig is showing some activity on the receive side of things.


Cobra 210 GTL WX CB Radio Base Station

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Interested? , you’ll have to be quick on this one as its not running over the weekend and at the time of writing the auction is ending in about 14 hours time.

Cobra 2010 GTL Specs

Frequency Coverage 26.965-27.405 MHz
Modes 40 AM/SSB
Power Output AM 4W / SSB: 12W
Powered by 13.8 VDC or mains

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