I’ve been watching the load on our hosting server closely over the last few weeks because its getting to its maximum limits (again). We are fortunate that Google likes us and is happy to throw plenty of new visitors our way on a daily basis, which is interesting when you consider that I gave up doing proper SEO many months ago (too time consuming).

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If the offering from Google (and other search engines) was all the traffic we had then things would be fine, but its all the visitors from social media that’s pushing it over the edge, so if you’ve arrived from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Pinterest then the blame falls on you 🙂

We Love you Really!

Don’t worry though as we are more than happy to have a lot more of you coming to this website, its just going to take another move (second this year) onto a server that’s good enough to handle all this lovely extra traffic.

Not going to mess around this time and will be moving onto hosting that’s hopefully going to cope with this website for at least the next 3 – 4 years. Its going to cost a whole lot more than our present arrangement but as a long term investment, it makes prefect sense.

Our one worry is that the site starts to become slow or even unresponsive (never a good thing) and it slowly dies a quiet and lonely death 🙂

Minimum Disruption

Having got the hang of moving websites over the last year, there should only be about an hour of downtime if all goes well.

This changeover will be done in the next few days and at a time of day when the traffic is at its lowest, if only to prevent a whack of ‘page not found errors’ popping up.

So if you’ve found How To CB Radio a little sluggish lately, don’t worry all that’s about to change, tell ya friends 🙂

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2 Responses to We Need A New Home (And Its All Your Fault)

  1. Andy says:

    Hi Carl,

    So very sorry for helping cause the move, but I think you need to take some of the blame too for making such a great site that brings us in and keeps us…;-)

    Many thanks for everything you have done for us all, hope the move all goes to plan…


    • Carl says:

      Hey Andy

      Thanks for your kind words, got everything ready but a snap real world house move has put it on hold.

      Will be getting it done this week though, sometime 🙂

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