Unknown to most visitors to this website it has been built alongside 4 other separate projects all covering a different side of hobby radio use. Up until now each website has been run completely independent of the others but all that’s about to change.


By linking the 5 related websites together we hope to offer a lot more content for those interested in hobby radio in general. We thought long and hard about making this change as it effects all websites involved in lots of different ways but after looking at the pros and cons the benefits are worth it.

Where are the Other Websites?

At the top left of every page you will see a new section called “Partner Websites” with links off into the other sites in the group. You may find the design on some of the partner sites a little familiar as they are all based around the same theme and customization.

Our interest in radio never stopped with just one side of the hobby and we know that many radio enthusiasts are the same with CB radio, Shortwave and radio scanners all part of the mix.

Level of Integration and a Grand Joint Forum Project

To keep each website targeted at its intended side of our radio hobbies having the links that allow people to move between the sites is as far as we want to go right now, this helps us by not mixing up the content between sites and making one awful mess (confusing too).

We have said before about wanting to have a forum attached to How To CB Radio and you’ll probably see that mentioned on our partner sites as well. By joining up now it gives us the opportunity to start work on a forum that will serve all 5 sites and covering all the topics in one place making it a much more lively place than if we started an individual forum for each website.

With some of our team already involved in the running and setup of various forums there was enough evidence that creating 5 forums was going to be too much, besides we would rather have one great forum than 5 terrible ones 🙂

Hope you enjoy the other websites in the group but please forgive our new radio equipment Catalog website SolOneComms as its early days and there is still lots to be done.

All the best



Chain Picture Courtesy of Wikipedia (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license)

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2 Responses to We Have Become a Group…..

  1. David Norris says:

    Good work on all the sites. It’s nice to see some new UK focused sites appear; I have long considered setting up one myself but I have too many other commitments right now. I do have some radio related material on my site; I hope to add to this as time allows.
    Keep up the good work! David

    • rizzer says:

      Thanks for the kind comments David.

      Yes putting up and keeping websites going is a fair bit of work, maybe a little more than we anticipated 🙂

      Had a look at your site and its good to see some old school HTML in play. I still have the very first HTML website I made but unfortunately its stored away and not online anymore.

      Hope you don,t mind but I changed the link you left to go straight to the radio section of your website.

      All the Best


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