There’s plenty of these GE 3-5900 radios kicking about at any given time, but the nature of the portable use they undergo means they’re usually way past their prime and look at little worn. This unit looks in great condition though (considering its age) with the cardboard box opting to take on the ageing instead 🙂

Looking at the pictures on eBay I can’t get away from how the front panel is in such fantastic condition (no signs of finger wear on the controls) meaning its most likely never had that much use over the years. Oh yeah its a bit of a novelty item but it seriously pushes all my buttons when its comes to vintage CB radio.

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GE 3-5900 CB Radio

GE 3-5900 CB Radio

Giving full 4 watts power output over 40 channels, the unit is designed primarily to be powered from a car battery and with a little bit of wiring will run happily off a standard CB power supply (I’d put an inline fuse in the power lead).

At the time of posting the auction ends in just under 3 days and have a feeling this ones going to get a fair bit of interest from those who like to collect good/clean examples of vintage CB radios.

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