Every vehicle offers its own challenges when it comes to creating a CB radio installation that’s going to stand the test of time. More room and a bigger dash area do make the process easier and compact cars can be the most difficult to deal with.

Not everybody has room in the dash to place the radio and going down this route can often mean doing away with the existing car stereo, fine if your happy to take a chance on what music is getting played over the calling channel but not really practical.

Having a CB fixed down properly isn’t only for keeping things tidy but will also prevent wires coming loose and the obvious safety factors involved with having it lying about while your driving.

Standard Universal Mount

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RP-235 Adjustable Mounting Bracket for CB radio

RP-235 Adjustable Mounting Bracket for CB radio

Made to mimic the mounts that you sometimes get with a new radio this universal mount can be adjusted to fit your CB.

The design gives a very generous amount of room when the mount is opened up all the way. Large slots on the side bars make it ideal for use with the more chunky style of radio.

Hump Mount

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hump mount Bracket for CB radio

Hump Mount Bracket for CB Radio

For those that have the right style of vehicle this hump mount puts the CB close at hand.

Measurement is an important factor when using this type of mount as there’s no standard size between vehicles.

There’s a little room for maneuver and the chance to modify these mount styles but its good to make sure your getting something you can use without too much trouble.

Dedicated Mounts

There are some well designed specialized mounts like ones made for the wangler jeep series.

The availability of this vehicle specific mounts is hardly surprising considering off road vehicles and two way radio fit together so well, not only for the social side but as an emergency tool should things go wrong.

The exact dimensions of each vehicle make fitting these types of brackets easier but be sure to get the right one for your vehicle or its going back unless your prepared to do some modifications to it yourself.

Checking Which CB Radios A Mount Will Take

Getting the measurements right not only for the type of vehicle but also the CB is crucial , while many mounts will happily accept a “compact” style CB without any messing around, its doesn’t mean your going to slot something like a Cobra 148 straight in.

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