Since the right to use cordless phone technology to market wireless CB radio microphones was granted to CB produces, the major brands have been busy making their own versions. Getting the mics working does require a power source outside of what a normal mic needs to operate, which is why Uniden’s model is restricted to use on its 680/880/980 CB radios.

With a front facing speaker and a (maximum) 100 meter range the wireless mic is a breath of fresh air for the CB user and a way to free ourselves from the sometimes annoying coiled cord.

When I first came across the new wireless CB mic technology my initial thought was it was just another thing to lose, especially in a vehicle. In their wisdom Uniden have included a button on the base unit that when pushed will emit a sound from the mic, helping you to find it quickly (think the whistle type finder used on car keys).

Uniden CB radio Wireless Microphone bc906w

Uniden BC906W CB Radio Wireless Microphone
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Uniden BC906W Quick Specs

  • Up to 100 Meter Range
  • Push to Talk Button
  • L.E.D Battery Strength Indicator
  • Secure Sync Function
  • Volume Controls
  • Auto Power Off
  • Car Charger with USB Connection
  • Compatible with Bearcat 680/880/980 SSB
  • Comes with Belt Clip
  • Reality of Range in the GHz Band

    Bear in mind that the stated range of 100 meters is under the best conditions possible and radio signals at the 1.9GHz frequency used can easily be cut down by buildings or even trees. Unless your living in a massive loft the signal should give enough coverage to work in a typical home.

    Outside is less of an issue, with only the vehicles bodywork to get in the way you,ll have a good clear path between mic and CB.

    Transmission Security

    This does seem a moot point considering all CB radio signals are in the “open” for anybody to hear but the DECT standard these microphones use to encrypt data between user and CB radio isn’t as robust as those used on more sensitive systems.

    The encryption used is the basic protocol for cordless phones and with a very limited range coupled with the general nature of the typical CB conversation, the chance of someone going to the lengths of cracking the cipher just to listen to your chinwag seems unlikely, when then can just turn on a CB radio to do the same job.

    General Compatibility with Other CB’s

    Even though the mic itself works on a wireless system, the connection to the CB still have to function on power from the radio itself. By figuring out what goes where and how to feed the required power/audio into the transmitter you could (in theory) use the mic with other makes of CB than the Uniden sets it’s designed for.

    You can see full details on the Uniden BC906W wireless mic over at Amazon here

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