Ever since the restrictions on using modes other than FM on the UK’s CB frequency allocations were lifted, there have been a rash of AM/FM multiband CB radios hitting the UK market.

Albrecht AE-6110 Ultra Compact AM/FM CB Radio

Albrecht AE-6110 AM FM Mini Mobile CB Radio

Albrecht AE-6110 AM FM Mini Mobile CB Radio

Albrecht who also make probably the most competent SSB handheld CB for the UK market, have taken the compact CB to places that Midland wanted to go.

This model is tiny and highlights the current state of miniaturization that can be achieved with electronic equipment.

The low size footprint leaves you with a massive number of mounting options inside even smaller vehicles with limited dashboard space.

Albrecht AE-6110 Quick Specs

4 watts RF output on AM and FM
RF Gain, Automatic squelch and Metal Housing
Dimensions are 102 x 100 x 25 mm and weight is 450 g

Are we Losing out with Mini CB Radios?

If you have the sort of manual Dexterity that can safely push only one tiny button at a time then the smaller CB’s are really no different to ‘big box’ models, at least in their basic operation.

Generating a stable 4 Watt RF output takes up a lot less space then in days gone by and provided you understand that mini CB’s aren’t going to be packed with features (can you imagine how many functions you’d have to slap onto each button), they do make versatile rigs just to get on the air, with the tiny size making them ideal as a mobile rig.

You can See the Latest Pricing and Customer Reviews for the Albrecht AE-6110 Here

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