So we all gets our kicks in different ways with one of my eye candy joys being vintage radio (of any flavor) which does mean a fair amount of time surfing though auction websites and sometimes it disturbs me (and not in a good way).

This post is born from the sheer confusion of finding yet another MASSIVELY overpriced CB radio on eBay. Is it just me or do sellers think they can tag items as ‘rare’ or ‘retro’ and we’ll all be blinded to the crazy price tag as our pay-pal accounts are emptied.

The latest travesty is an advert for a Realistic TRC 1001 with the sale price of £120!! and while it looks like a good example of this radio its not worth the price and they are hardly a rare item that had some sort of limited run or are difficult to find (its a Realistic for heavens sake).

Perspective is easy to find when you look at the general and real pricing of this type of radio along with the fact that you’ll score a brand new multi-band CB for a lot less.

I’m not going to link the advert and become part of this problem but if you feel like venting I’m sure your properly motivated to find it yourself, so I’ll just leave you with a video of the TRC 1001 while I sloop off into the quiet corner and try to calm down.

Video Cortusy of Lord Kill (cool name)

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