We’ve been wanting to get this CB Radio Questionnaire up on the site for a while now but it (and almost everything else) had to take a back seat during the big migration of all our websites to the new hosting.

red question markIt wasn’t totally forgotten though as someone who shall remain nameless (you know who you are) was putting it together piece by piece on the quiet. The only problem is the whole thing ended up having over 30 questions!, who’s got time for that.

This is the much argued over cut down version with what we believe are the 4 questions that interest us the most.

The results are laid out below the questions and will be updated as and when we receive more information. This page will never be closed and we hope it’ll give us all some great views on what you, the actual users think about your CB radios.

The comment box has been left open on this post just in case you want to add something that everyone can see about the answers you’ve given.

All the information you enter is completely anonymous and only used for the purpose of running this poll.

1. What,s the most important thing you look for when buying a CB radio?.

2. What,s the most annoying thing about CB,s you've owned?.

3. Do you agree with the legal power output limits of CB radio?.

4. Please tell us your all time favorite CB radio (modern or vintage).

CB Radio Questionnaire Results

1. Most important thing when buying a CB radio.

1. Good Build Quality

2. Ease Of Use

3. Good Price

4. Full Mode Operation (AM, FM, SSB)

5. Good Audio (TX Or RX)

6. Sideband Capability

7. Plenty Of Features

8. Professional Looking

9. Able To Do Modifications On The Radio

10. Compact Size

2. Most annoying thing about CB radios.

1. Poor Audio (TX Or Rx)

2. Poor Receive

3. Other CB Users

4. Low Power Output

5. Interference

6. Useless Features / Marketing Gimmicks

7. Unnecessary Keypad Sounds

8. No Frequency Readout

9. Lack Of Mounting Options

10. Roger Bleeps

11. No Modding Options

3. CB Users who agree with the legal power output limit of CB radios?.

Yes – 24%

No – 76%

4. Favorite all time CB radio (modern or vintage)

2 Votes –Browning Eagle, Cobra 29, Cobra 148 GTL and Uniden PC 122

1 Vote – Anytone AT-5555, Audioline 340, Browning SST, Cherokee CBS 500, Cobra 142, Cobra 146, Cobra 2000, Cobra 29, Commtron CB40F, Deltaforce, EICO 760, Galaxy 959, Galaxy 979, Galaxy DX 2547, Galaxy DX47HP, Ham Multimode II, Harrier CB, K40 (Speech Processor), Midland 3001, Nato 2000, Pace Sidetalk1000B, President AR 144, President Washington, Ranger 2990, Ranger RCI 2950 (Old Version), RCI 2970, Roadmaster RE4000, SBE Console, Superstar 3900, Superstar 4900, Superstar Lord, Uniden Grant SSB, Uniden PC78 Elite, York JCB863

We already have some idea what may come top in some of the answers but the one we are looking forward to compiling are the results from the best CB radio question. Its most likely that there will be some of the quality sets made over the lifetime of CB radio but also hoping to see some of the underdogs represented, after all every bodies opinion is different (thankfully).

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3 Responses to The Great CB Radio Questionnaire

  1. KI7AQJ says:

    I am not too proud or snobbish to keep a CB or two in the shack with the ham gear. It’s another radio. They ALL have their uses.

  2. tom says:

    Will a D104 mike work ok with the new galaxy DX-2547 radio? also is this a good base station unit? Is there a different model D104 or they all the same? Just signed on to your web site, guess I have a lot of questions. Hope your able to help! THX TOM

    • Carl says:

      Hey Tom

      The D104 desktop mic will work with the Galaxy DX-2547, although you may have to alter the simple wiring in the mic plug depending on where your getting the mic from.

      The D104 has been around for a long time and if your buying a used version, there’s a conversion kit you can fit (you may want to try it ‘as is’ before stripping it down) that’s supposed to make it sound better with modern transceivers

      The DX-2547 is about the last CB radio base unit you can buy from new and is a competent piece of radio gear.

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