If your looking for a brand new CB base station radio these days the selection is severely limited with the 40 Channel AM/USB/LSB Galaxy DX-2547 being the only widely available unit. It wasn’t always this way with a whole host of CB base equipment produced over the years, some of it was a valid attempt at creating a solid dependable radio while others were just a chance for manufactures to rehash older products by slapping them in a bigger box.

Buying something as complex as a used CB radio online has always been a risky business where going on pictures alone can never give a true indication of how the rig is going to work once powered and connected to a good antenna. The amount of secondhand models traded on sites like eBay is such that getting hold of a “working” CB radio is easy enough but bagging the true gems like a nearly mint condition base station takes a lot more patience and usually demand a much higher price.

Saying that there are some excellent condition radios still to be found and the videos below show what you can (sometimes) end up with if your prepared to take a chance and spend the money.

The guy talking in the first video is a serious collector with a number of videos showing various vintage CB radios in great condition and are well worth a look if you fancy a bit of CB eye candy.

Ham International Jumbo Mk1

Quick Specs

Channels : 120
Modes : AM, FM, USB, LSB
Coverage : 26.965 to 28.305 (No Modifications)
Power Output : 4 Watt (0.5 Watt Low Power) AM and FM Modes, 12 Watt PEP in SSB Mode

Courtesy of MinkyF

Cobra 2000 GTL

CB Radio Magazine have a large amount of videos on their YouTube channel covering not only most of the iconic vintage CB radios of years gone by but hordes of info on new rigs and CB accessories. The one major difference between the magazines videos and the ones uploaded by other CB users is that they will usually take the lid off to give us a peek inside, glorious 🙂

Quick Specs

Channels : 40
Modes : AM and SSB
Coverage : 26.965 to 27.405 (No Modifications)
Power Output : 4 Watt AM Mode, 12 Watt PEP in SSB Mode

Courtesy of CB Radio Magazine.com

Midland also made a number of home base CB’s over the years with varying degrees of success and the Midland/Alan 555 (in my opinion) is one of the best. The styling is very similar to the Ham International Jumbo series but with a much wider frequency coverage going further into the 10 meter amateur band and a higher RF output. Don’t see the 555 come up for sale very often but I always take an interest in how much they sell for when they do.

Its good to see these radios in such good condition so many years after they were made. With a large number of radio enthusiasts prepared to find and restore modded CB’s to their original condition we hope the rare prime examples of CB equipment will be there for us to admire in the years ahead.

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2 Responses to The Grand Days of CB Base Station Radio

  1. Dancer says:

    The Radio is simply one of many-many in the Galaxy series units. Only basically the name has been changes. I have 4 of the Galaxys here in service. 2457 – Turbo – SSB – Saturn models. This one favors the Galaxy SSB same knob configuration and as like the SSB does NOT have the digital display like many of the other Galaxy units sport. I have four of the Galaxy series units here in / on line. 2547 – Saturn – Turbo – SSB. I have added the digiital frequency display on the SSB unit so I can keep up with the frequencys. My unite reach into the full 10 meter and FM bands here as well. Not as prestine as this unit but they are used daily too. Each prefoms differently from one to the other. Again your unit is nifty for sure but I use daily what’s here. has been that way since 1972 when I entered the communication world after retiring from the military.

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