The future of CB radio has been called into doubt many times since the initial craze wore off and the amount of users declined but its still alive and is enjoyed by users across the globe. With the huge social side that the service was introduced to feed all but gone its the more technical users who have continued to use the band.

Sign Post Future

The recent decision that has given Europe the long overdue right to use sideband modes legally could go some way to pleasing the remaining users but that’s face it sideband has been practiced for a very long time anyway.

Initial reports show there is a increase in activity because of the change and we can only hope that those retuning or using SSB for the first time will continue to do so for years to come.

Would 2 Meter CB Radio Work?

A frequency allocation around the popular 144 MHz amateur band has long been a hope of many serious CB user and we can’t help but be a little envious of the Australian UHF system they’ve had in place for some time now

In theory it could be great provided we weren’t saddled with pointless output power and huge restrictions on the type of antennas we could use. There would also have to be a provision in any license to allow the use of repeaters in the band.

From a commercial point of view there are plenty of radios that could be “tweaked” to work on any new frequencies. For existing retailers to add 2 meter CB’s along side 27 MHz isn’t going to be a big push as most already sell amateur 2 meter rigs meaning there won’t be a whole new set of skills to master.

Bring Back the Glory Days?

Many people wonder if CB will ever get anywhere near the huge number of users it had at one point and we don’t think it ever will. Things have changed and technology has moved on (massively) to the point where hoping that someone is listening at the moment you have the time to pick up the mic just doesn’t appeal to most people.

The other side of this is do we really want that level of use back anyway?. I remember meeting some great friends with a few I still talk to today but there was also a fair amount of grief involved. Just the act of trying to talk to someone meant running the gauntlet of mic keyer’s with terrible taste in music and what the internet know calls trolls, people who’s main purpose in life is to wind other people up (and not in a good way).

Sure we’d like to hear the channels a bit more busy but only if there was a magical filter that would strip out all those that made CB radio such a nightmare for so many years 🙂

Over to You!

Where do you think the future of CB radio is going and do you have any predictions or maybe a wishlist of how its all going to look years from now?. As always please leave a comment below as we would love to hear what you think.

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7 Responses to The Future of CB Radio?

  1. keith grobe says:

    cb radios have improved with sound tracker weather radios on the cb I have the cobra 25 nw watch cb it has good sound on the radio its a nice radio I wish they would bring back the 23 channels that were made in the 70’s why did they come out with the 40 channels on these cb radios???I think cb is here to stay if people stop swearing on them and use em right

  2. keith grobe says:

    I have a cobra cb on my atv and I held walkie in my car I wish they would take off the 17 channels and bring back the 23 channels they were so fun tom use but now get these people that wreck it for other people that abuse the cb radio like the roger beep the echo mike

    • Carl says:

      Hi Keith

      Never really had a problem with people using Echo mikes and provided its done right with just a little of it turned on (and not the massive reverb some users think is cool?), it can sound good while also adding a bit of depth to the rigs audio.

      Roger bleeps on the other hand were a bad idea long before CB became so popular and should have been banned because they were so dam annoying 🙂

  3. keith grobe says:

    yes I have a cb in my house and 1 in my car a hand held radio I think cb is here to stay there is good future in cb if people use em right

  4. Danny Jimenez says:

    I still use my CB radio practically everyday. One in my home, and my wife and I have them in our vehicles. But we only talk on SSB. Too many idiots still trolling on 19 and the radios on Channel 6 just stepping on each other to see who has the strongest signal. That gets old very very fast! Still the same users on 19 asking for radio checks. Some things don’t change. SSB is much more enjoyable and it appears to have a better class of users without trying to sound arrogant.

    • rizzer says:

      I don,t think it sounds arrogant Danny, its just that little technical barrier keeping SSB relatively clear of the IQ Zero,s we have to deal with on FM sometimes.

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