The Firestik 5 foot antenna is just another variation of a classic piece of CB radio equipment that has given reliability and performance to CB users for many years. A strong fiberglass construction with the wire extending all the way to the tip this type of antenna has the edge over typical base loaded models.

Setting that all important SWR can be a trial sometimes when dealing with a mobile CB setup but the Firestik makes this quick and possible without the need for any tools. To adjust antenna length just unscrew the retainer tip to release the SWR pole, once you have set the length tighten the retainer to hold it in place.

FireStik 5 feet II TUNABLE

FireStik 5 feet II TUNABLE
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Fitting a Firestik to your Vehicle

While Firestik antennas are durable and will take a fair amount of bashing they do have a disadvantage over standard mobile whip models because they do not bend. Unless you are confident of always being aware of low hanging trees or other tight spaces its best to fit the antenna on a spring. The spring is fitted at the base of the Firestik allowing it to bend almost fully horizontally to prevent any damage.

Even though the base of the spring can be fitted directly to a vehicles bodywork its good practice to use a purpose built mounting stud that will make the installation much more sturdy, these additional bits can usually be purchased from the same supplier as the antenna. Another thing to keep in mind is that the whole of the vehicle will be acting as a ground plane so placing that antenna as close to dead center as possible will prevent your CB signal for becoming slightly directional and give better all round coverage.

Extra care is needed when installing a mobile antenna to any fiberglass or composite plastic bodywork because of the stress present at the base of the antenna especially when travailing at high speed or if the antenna snags on an obstruction.

Stick a Flag on it

One of the good things about using a firestik compared to a standard whip antenna is how rigid they are letting you stick a flag on the end without it bending. The firestik company has used their expertise with fiberglass to produce a range of durable flag poles making attaching a flag on the top of one of their antennas even more fitting.

The 5 Foot Firestik can be seen at Amazon here

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