Sick of looking at the useless Binatone 5 Star CB radio casually taking up space I decided to try and get the beast working again. After failing to do everything but transmit anything, it’s been sat idle since the beginning of February. Partly because I’ve been busy with others projects, but mainly because I thought it was going to be a nightmare to fix.

How wrong was I 🙂

Binatone 5 star Front panel

Welcome Back Old Timer 🙂

All For Nothing

With visions of having to dig around with a scope for a while and maybe replaced a part or two, I got a ton of equipment out and cleared a big section of a crowded workbench (a job in itself).

Giving it some power in the vain hope that it would push out some kind of signal just in case it had “righted” itself (which unfortunately almost never happens with analogue electronics), gave the zero result I was expecting.

After having gone over a large area of circuit board with the soldering iron it all seems OK now. Not even sure where the problem was but will be testing the CB over the next few days to make sure its doing whats it supposed to.

Solder breaks down over long periods, especially when exposed to constant heat like in the RF amp section of a CB radio and its safe to say this radio easily falls into the vintage category.

Binitone 5 star circuit board

Experience has taught me that its better to start with the simple reasons why a piece of electronics isn’t playing the game. Working in a straight line from the obvious to the downright unlikely is an easier route, even if a little boring.

If only I’d pulled my finger out a few months ago instead of blanking my old CB friend this problem could have been solved in a single day.

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