Ive said many times that every CB’er should experience the effect transmitting from a high altitude has on the range of CB radio signals. It may make you think about moving house afterwards if your not living in a great location for line of sight CB use but still well worth a go at least once.

Mount Everest

Maybe Not That High!

However You Do It

Getting up to a good altitude doesn’t have to involve long hikes with heavy radio equipment sapping all your strength (although strangely I seem to like it that way), even by fitting a basic CB in a car there’s enough high ground spots you can drive up that’ll do the a few watts at 27 MHz proud.

All this comes on the back of thinking about how little mountain climbing and outdoor CB use was done last year. We have vowed in 2015 to be dragging ourselves up hills and mountains at the merest hint of nice weather. Every trip out will be loaded into the CB Field Days category, with the plan to have it nice and full of posts by the time 2016 rolls in.

Things can get a little static with CB use after a while, propagation will serve up those surprise long distance contacts sometimes and your probably aware of all the local users around your home QTH. A few hundred meters of height with good views all around opens up many new areas for you to throw a CB signal at.

Your Stories

We never get enough of hearing what your all doing with CB, sometimes the things you tell us will send us off in new directions with the hobby or remind us of great days gone by.

If you do take up the high ground challenge this year we’d liked to hear how you did and get all the information like location, height worked from and what sort of contacts/distance you managed.

With the solar cycle being a bit of a let down this time round its only right we try to make the most of the situation by getting up on those mountains and hills with a CB or two.

P.S. Your forgiven for wanting to wait until the weather gets warming as the year progresses 🙂

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