TekPower go a long way to make a quiet power supply and its one of the details that really stick out in customer reviews of their products. This adjustable power supply has had the same treatment and while most of TekPower’s offerings are compact, this supply is a lot larger

.As is the habit of advertisers, they will normally list the units full capacity, but keep in mind that the 30 Amps marked on this supply is for surge only and it will happily deliver a continuous 20 Amp output.

TekPower TP1830SB

TekPower TP1830SB

There are cheaper ‘fixed voltage’ TexPower supplies that will run a meaty CB radio (or a mobile ham rig), but if your a tinkerer you can use something like the TP1830SB to double up as one very useful bench power supply.

One thing that springs to mind with the color scheme of this unit is how cool an Amstrad 901 with its red disco lights would look sat on top of this supply 🙂

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