Back in November I took a Sunday out to try and get some good reception on the so called ‘Superbowl’ CB frequency. Being the dead of winter did little for propagation and the results were less than impressive.

Now its the height of summer, so thought I’d have another go at bagging some usable audio to put up on this website. Things have been pretty good on 27MHz over the last few weeks with the usual radio hash storming in from all across Europe most days and I had high hopes of a day of great propagation.

CB superbowl CB freq

With a full weekend of being purposely shut in doors (still tidying up after moving house) there was enough time to do all the usual stuff while devoting a large chunk of time to playing radio.

Even though I know its a massive long shot, I had a quick listen around 9am while checking out the rest of 27mhz (and 28mhz) to try and get a feel of how the bands were performing. Not much going at this time of the day except a few local stations having the sort of conversations that make FM CB radio what it is!

Did get some sound clips last time I tried this but even with all the ‘tweaking’ in the world the signals were that close to the noise floor that it was pointless putting them up on this website.

And the Wait Begins….

Kept switching back to the frequency throughout the day and as I was using a SDR waterfall it gave me a good view of the entire 27Mhz band. This made for an interesting day as little spikes in the waterfall had me shooting off to see who and where they were.

Around 19.30 the band opening up with a whole group of very strong Europeans mostly from France, Germany and Italy. There was some activity on 27.025Mhz, but sadly it was so far down in the static that I couldn’t even define the language.

Even though there were little snatches of transmissions up until 22.00 when the radio was turned off, nothing major came my way (most disappointed).

This is turning into a bit of a mission and I imagine there’s going to be a bit more time spent with my headphones on until I bag some quality audio. Whats really bugging me is I’ve heard plenty on the frequency, but the minute I want to record it just isn’t appearing (its a good job I like a challenge).

Superbowl Power Levels

The hideous amount of power some of these CB setups are pushing is not truly known, but you can imagine there’s more than a few reaching up in the multi KW range (you just wouldn’t want to be their neighbor).

Power does help on occasion although crappy propagation can often make a KW seem like half a Watt if your looking for DX (especially on 27Mhz).

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