As the office/shack is having a major make over at the moment and all my toys have had to be removed 🙁 , thought I’d fire up the WebSDR over at and have a good listen to the CB through another persons antenna for a change (gotta get a CB fix somehow).

If your not familiar with how online software defined radio works, its just a way of being able to use a receiver located in another location. The website listed above has receivers in plenty of countries but unfortunately not all cover the CB frequencies, because they tend to be geared toward radio amateurs and shortwave listeners.

That said, the website is growing all the time and its good to log on and see more receivers added to the list. Its free to use (but you can donate) and gives the rare chance to hear what’s happening with CB radio all around the world.

cb websdr waterfall

Typical WebSDR Waterfall Display

I also use this for shortwave radio sometimes and it just a shame that there’s not any receivers in the list that do much in the way of VHF/UHF coverage. If you’ve not played with SDR equipment before and you can get your head around how it works, it may just change the way you look at radio forever 🙂

Listening From the UK

One of the better UK bases SDR’s in located in Chester. It has full coverage of all the CB bands and seems to do a good job of picking up the more obscure signals.

As the time is now 5PM in the UK, its a battle to find an English speaking station that can be heard over the high powered Italians and Spanish breakers (somethings never change).

27.360 MHz USB Some very odd sounding data transmission that I’ve never heard before and didn’t seem to make sense? , will be digging into that!.

27.575 MHz USB A French station working someone from Birmingham UK, who I could just make out under the noise floor. There was also an Italian station on this freq and although I could hear them all, they seemed completely oblivious of each (gotta love 27 MHz propagation).

What was missing though for this time of day was local stations (local to the SDR receiver), which is a surprise as the older UK channels are normally busy this time on a Sunday. Did catch a few European stations trying to work DX on FM instead of SSB and not having much luck by the sound of it.

And of course any session wouldn’t be complete without the bad music playing fool I found down on 27.400 MHz 🙂

Listening From the Netherlands – Busted?

Another favorite SDR receiver is run from the University of Twente in Enschede, Netherlands and although this is a great receiver for shortwave, this is the first time I’ve used it for CB and there wasn’t much to hear.

Maybe there’s a problem with the SDR at the moment, I’m not being patience enough or its just in a bad location 🙂

Other Locations Across Europe and a Wish List Of Frequencies

A quick scan down the list, shows SDR’s capable of receiver CB radio from Germany, Croatia, Estonia and a few in Russia.

One thing that is missing (that I hope will get added at some point) is a well located SDR somewhere is the USA that covers at least their 40 FM CB channels.

Not a bad way to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon and the overall conditions sounded good, making it more of a shame that my normal CB gear is out of commission at the moment, won’t be long though before I’m back on the air.

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