There’s plenty of ways to brighten up your CB radio equipment and you can even go to the expense of buying a custom unit if you wish. Thankfully adding your own touches to your radios accessories can be a lot cheaper than splashing out on a special build.

Astatic Stars N’ Stripes CB Radio Microphone

Astatic have been making replacement CB mics for a very long time and you’d be surprised at the range they have on sale at any given time. The noise cancelling product pictured below is their answer to adding a patriotic US flag to your radio.

Durabilty is second nature to Astatic with their mics built to last and feature a stainless steel flex that doesn’t stretch like normal CB microphone cord.

Find the specs of the Astatic microphone here

Astatic Stars N' Stripes Noise Canceling 4 Pin CB Microphone

Redman CB D104 Desktop Lollipop Mic Dust Cover

Why should dust covers be a boring dull color?, Redman have a large range of mic covers in different styles and colors, all hand made in the USA.

Check out the Redman CB mic dust cover here.

CB Radio Desktop Microphone USA Stars Stripes Dust cover

A Little DIY Goes A Long Way

Want to add some Stars and Stripes artwork to your CB without going to all the trouble of a repaint?

There are plenty of decals (stickers) available that are the perfect size for fitting on the lid or sides of your radio. The added benefit of stickers over a paint job is they can easily be removed if you want a change or are selling the radio to someone else.

Find all the details on the USA flag set here

USA United States Stars & Stripes Country Flag Set

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