CB radio doesn’t feature much in mainstream media these days, but I still do a quick google news search now and then just on the off chance it throws up something worth reading and a check on the web a few days ago delivered an interesting (if a little truncated) article from Portishead in the UK.

The background to this story may be very familiar and I’m sure some of you reading have been in this situation at some point.

Basically, a pensioner (Ken) decided to start using CB radio to combat some loneliness and as a way of staying in touch with his family/friends.

Going down the route of whacking a nice long CB pole on the side of his property has bought all the usual complaints from the neighbors about interference to their TV’s, Internet service and probably everything else with a mains plug on it 🙂

From the limited picture of his rig and provided he’s not got a 100 watt burner slapped on the output, I smell a rat (a big fat rat with ‘not in my backyard’ tattooed right across its back).

Putting up any type of antenna runs the risk of getting the neighbors attention and in turn the blame for every gram of interference they suffer (from whatever source). Having personally had grief from those living around me even when a visible antenna has been for receive only, its an absolute nightmare trying to explain how any radio setup works to a non technical person!

On a Loser?

The real downside for Ken is he lives in social housing and ultimately will have to abide by the rules laid down by the housing association. I fear no matter what compromises he makes, it won’t stop the complaints if someones TV flickers or YouTube’s running a bit slow.

But the real gem in this article is the comments which are split between other radio users offering solutions, to a huge amount of people who just can’t comprehend CB radio and are mystified why he’s not using a mobile phone instead. (be sure to click ‘View All’ in the comments section)

You can read the Article over at www.dailymail.co.uk

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