Fitting a CB into some vehicles just isn’t practical either because of a lack of room in the dashboard or you don’t really want to hack away at the inside just to get a set to fit. Even though there are some good compact CB radios it still means some alternation unless you are willing to fix a mount to the top of the dash or do away with the car stereo so that existing slot can be used.

But there is a solution to this problem that will allow the quick installation of a rig without all that messing around. Cobra have produced the 75WXST CB radio which even though looks like an over sized microphone is in fact the compact CB solution for those how don’t want a big radio taking up space in the vehicle.

Cobra 75WXST 40-Channel CB Radio

Cobra 75WXST CB Radio
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  • 40 channel
  • 10 NOAA channels
  • Only 2 pounds in weight
  • Channel scan
  • Dual Channel watch
  • Full 4 Watt output

Don’t be fooled by the way the Cobra 75WXST looks as this is a full featured CB radio with everything you would expect from a modern “big box” straight 40 channel rig. At the heart of the handset is the LCD display giving channel number, incoming signal strength while also showing how the CB is preforming by displaying the amount of RF output.

All controls are located in the handset with the only other component of this CB being a small control box that deals with power, antenna and external speaker connections. The control box is a small plain metal design that can easily be mounted underneath the bottom of the dash completely hiding any wires.

As the CB has a standard mic clip fitted on the back it can be mounted on the dash with the mic holder supplied or used in conjunction with any of the retractable microphone products on the market.

Digital Operation

As with all digital CB’s there is the full scan function to quickly go through the channels only stopping when the audio breaks the squelch along with a dual watch function. Memories are provided to easily store and access your most used channels in one button press included alongside the almost mandatory instant channel 9 button.


With the handset only attached to the control box be one screw in connector similar to the standard CB antenna type its very quick and simple to take the most important part of the CB out of the vehicle all together. With the CB safely in your possession and the control box mounted out of sight under the dash there is zero evidence of any radio at all.

Single Handed Control?

One handed operation of this rig is possible with some practice as its about the size as modern handheld models. Cobra have designed the handset so that the most used functions are already where your fingers would rest when holding it naturally and drastically cutting back on the learning curve.

We hope big shiny radios with plenty of controls never go out of fashion but for those who just don’t have the room to use them mobile this Cobra radio does offer a good degree of flexibility.

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