Looking at new CB radios or great vintage transmitters is almost as good as being able to have a play with them but unless your lucky enough to have a large radio collection your unlikely to have access to many of the CB’s that have been built over the years.
This is where the media rich internet comes in with so many outlets perfect for people wanting to show off their toys its like an all you can eat buffer for the radio enthusiast. From big sites like Flickr and Pinterest right down to the hundreds of clones, there is no end to the places these images can be found.

Wikipedia has a decent list of the main picture sharing sites just to give an idea of whats out there.

Even if you step outside of the main media platforms (YouTube etc) there is still a huge amount of images that end up on many of the excellent radio hobbyist forums scattered across the web.

Help Your Pictures To Be Found Online

There isn’t much that doesn’t end up as part of a Google search at some point as the rampant data beast attempts to suck up all the content on the internet. Giving your pictures (or video) a much better chance of being found be someone using a search engine is a simple as naming them properly.

Either on your own website or any of the picture and video sharing sites the file name can make all the difference to how visible your lovely pictures are to everybody online. Cameras and phones will give pictures generic file names like “AN00001”, these are completely meaningless to anything else but the device that created them and files should be renamed before setting them loose on the internet.

Say It As You See It

If your picture is of your favorite Harvard rig then naming the file by name and model number first will give more chance of it popping up in a search query. An example of this is the two Harvard 410T handhelds shown on this site which have the file name “harvard410thandhelds.jpg”.

Getting into the habit of doing this with every image/video you put online can be a real benefit if you have your own website where you put the images. Over time the amount of extra visitors sent your way by the search engines can make a huge difference.

Feed Us Your Pictures

If you have CB radio pictures or maybe some video out there why not send us the link with a little detail behind the radio and it could well end up on the site (with you permission of course). Or we could systematically start posting them on our social media accounts.

Sat in front on a computer 5 days a week does give plenty of time to go fishing for pictures (a little too much sometimes) and you’d be amazed at what a daily trawl through YouTube or Flickr will throw up.

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