Its no understatement to say that my home QTH isn’t the best place to try and enjoy certain radio hobbies. With most directions blocked to line of sight transmissions by large hills, the only place I can guarantee any results from is towards the south east.

This can be a nightmare in the winter when its not possible to hit the nearby hills with a portable CB but the summers in full swing at the moment and I’ve been making the most of the warm/dry nights by getting out overnight camping with the radios.

CB radio high ground DX

Those Trees are Just Begging for a CB Antenna

Luckily the hill the destroys my only hope of a clear view directly south is the nearest one and only takes about an hour to reach. With the whole of the hill covered in woodland its an excellent place to hide away for a night of radio use. Also being within easy walking distance it increases the amount of weight I’m prepared to carry, which in turn means the chance to put up a better antenna than the one fitted to a handheld CB radio.

Up til now I’ve been dragging a small Firestik along with me but have started thinking that as this has become a very regular spot, that a much better antenna hidden up a tree is a possibility.

My thinking is thus…

1. The area I camp is well off the beaten track (part of my selection process), cutting down on the chance anyone will ever see the antenna.

2. The two trees right where I camp are easily climbable, even for an old man like me 🙂

Choice of Antenna

I’d love to get as far up the tree as I could and slap a 18 foot silver rod on the top, but this is going to be hard to hide. Sticking with an antenna that can be well hidden and still give a good performance leaves something like a 9ft up/9ft down configuration.

Not only can this be fitted to the tree with a minimum of fuss, I can also guarantee its on the side of the tree and facing in the direction I want to work (if that makes sense).


Never seen this type of CB antenna in anything but shiny silver (too obvious), so would have to make it blend in a lot more. Thinking of either wrapping the whole thing in some waterproof (non metallic) tape or simply painting in a nice dark color (can you get bark colored paint?).

The coax is not a problem as its naturally black but would have to find a way of waterproofing the connector when its not plugged into the CB. Maybe try to get hold of a waterproof bag like the type produce for phones and do modifications to it.

The coax side is easy as there’s a 50ft length of RG8 in my wire collection but don’t have a suitable antenna or even the metal to build one, looks like eBay will be getting some of my business soon.

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