Been reading about the Russian CB radio repeaters recently and the almost ad-hock way they are set up and run.

Even though they can be a pain when there’s a lift on, you’ve gotta love the way that these repeaters are able to operate on what would be a serious breach of the rules in most other European countries 🙂 (although Russia is not alone in Europe when it comes to slapping together CB repeaters).

A Bit of Clarity

Before we go on, there’s a distinction that needs to be made between those repeaters set up for normal CB users to operate and the (often annoying) totally unregulated taxi stations that litter 27 and 28Mhz.

These taxi transmissions (or ogla’s) are known to use stupid amounts of RF power even though they are only serving a local area and the routine way they are located on very high vantage points, is a recipe to screw with half of Europe when the band conditions are right.

If you’ve never been at the mercy of these transmissions, count yourself lucky as it can be a session ending event 🙂

27 MHz Russian Repeater Videos

There’s a few videos on YouTube to get an idea of how these CB repeaters sound, but not wanting to hang around for a lift in conditions on 27mhz (could be a while), I took to the numerous SDR feeds coming out of Russia on 27mhz to find my own audio.

Hunting Down Some Repeater Audio

As you can imagine the olga’s (taxi companies) were much easier to find then proper CB ones, especially when SDR feeds like the one over at websdr.r4uab actually has frequencies used by taxis bookmarked in the SDR waterfall!

Despite setting up a separate computer with a number of online SDR’s open (lots of careful volume adjustments), some nice crisp audio still eludes me. This is a shame as I believe this post needs some up to date audio and the frequency information that goes with it.

The plan is to take a good chunk of the weekend to get this sorted and I’ll be leaving this post ‘open’ until its done.

Further Reading

Did find some interesting information on the internet with the first being a great selection of pictures about a CB repeater being installed on what looks like a city apartment block.

The page is in Russian, but the minimal amount of text means you can run it through Google translate easily.

The second is a massive list of ‘Free Band’ usage on 25 to 30Mhz, as this is an old HTML website I’m not sure when the details were last updated, but makes good reading all the same.

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