Always busy we have made some changes to How To CB Radio in the last few days and if your looking at the main menu bar and thinking it looks a bit more filled out its because there is an additional page up there.

Below is a list of changes already in place and information about those on the way in the near future.

Website Updates

Coax Page

As a trial we have included a CB Coax page on the site, its a little basic at the moment but it does give quick access to some common types and lengths of antenna cable. The vision for this page is to get a bit of coding in place to grid all the types of coax in an interactive formation where you can search by make, length and type.

This will allow us to add not only big reels but also the patch leads and other short pieces of coax that go toward running a valid CB radio setup.

CB Radio Page

After taking a look at the half empty CB radio page we have added a few more rigs to it ranging from the basic straight 40’s through to the beautiful models the big manufactures are producing these days.

Once the coding is completed on the coax page we will also be be using it on this one, with a bit of tweaking we plan to create a nice smooth interface with decent search options. Testing it across a range of internet browsers is going to take time with our main goal being to create a slick looking interface that doesn’t slow the page loading times down (too much), because we all know how annoying that can be and not everybody in the world has fast broadband connections.

More to Come Next Week

Along with making the existing pages look better we are adding a connectors page which will be segmented into sections for power, antenna and miscellaneous connectors. We intend to tie in lots about long term antenna care with this page by linking to info already on this site along with adding new articles.

You may seem some changes to all the new pages in the coming week as we road test the new code. Unfortunately to get a proper idea of how the changes react in the “real world” its going to have to be made live to have any chance at ironing out any bugs. We have a vision of how this feature should look and most likely wont rest until its perfected.

All these changes are an effort to round the site off, turning it into the one stop CB radio resource we had in mind when laying down the framework over a year ago.

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