For so long giving easy access to CB radio and electronics components, RadioShack has finally decided to cut back its operation most likely in a bid to keep at least some of its stores open.

Its been well document the level of financial problems the chain has suffered lately but the amount of store closures looks to be extensive. Here’s the link to the RadioShack Stores Closure PDF

The maddening thing about the list is its in .PDF format, not sortable and ordered by store id number, which means next to nothing if your not actually working for RadioShack itself. One of the columns does list which state the store is located in, so it at least gives you a chance to narrow things down.

Chance to Grab a Bargain

When big chains close some (or all) of their outlets there’s normally deals to be had as they attempt to get rid of stock instead of having to transport it. You’ll have to be quick though as the good stuff goes first and the shop ends up looking like a yard sale at the end of the day.

A Bit of RadioShack History

This video is a commercial from 1976 and its gives a great idea of what Radioshack was all about during the early days of CB radio.

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