Back ‘in the day’ when CB radio first took over my life, getting my parents to accept the hideously large antenna I wanted to slap on the side of the house was a while off and like many people was restricted to doing the best with what could be set up in my bedroom.

Luckily I was on the top floor of a house that sat at a nice bit of altitude on the side of a mountain and after much faffing around with unsuccessful indoor antennas for 27 MHZ, I (like many others) discovered the joy of the humble biscuit tin (and in my case also large amounts of kitchen foil).

Not only a great anchor for antennas the tin also seemed to work wonders with a variety of mobile whips and in the days before the actual mechanics of what made a good antenna were etched into my brain, it made me think I was on to a winner 🙂

I do remember having no precise way of making the exact size hole for the antenna base and was left with gouging out something almost right with a pair of pointy nose pliers!

Enter the DV27!

Not just restricted to indoors use the DV27 was getting fitted to many cars even though its fiberglass design meant intermediate destruction when hitting all but the lightest of tree branches or a very unlucky passing bird.

As a new CB’er and naturally being obsessed with the perfect SWR, having that antenna right next to me with that lovely little section for adjusting SWR took up a fair amount of my time (even though biscuit tin SWR is never easy it didn’t stop me trying).

The DV27 Antenna Today

Great antenna designs never truly go away, the very mathematics that govern how well RF energy reacts with a length of metal means once something half decent is constructed, it stays around even if that’s through multiple revisions/branding of the original design.

Sirio and Albrecht have release a version of the DV 27 that shares the original design but built to be a lot more durable for mobile use than a fiberglass construction offers.

If your familiar with the DV 27’s the first time they were released then the modern type do look a lot different, although the same principals make the same great antenna.

Click To See a Selection of DV27’s on Ebay

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