With CB technology now being decades old and still giving us the option to use one of the earlier sets if we choose there are many less than smart looking rigs still bouncing around on auction sites and at various real world sales but do you really care what your CB looks like?

When using CB radios that have more than a few miles on the clock you may sometimes have to except that they are long past looking their best unless your prepared to do serious restoration work. This becomes a problem if you prefer the vintage models over new radios and a certain amount of understanding must be put in place to deal with the way a radio looks.

The vintage movement is strong among those radio operators (ham and CB) who would happily pass up the chance of owning a new Cobra model over say a slightly battered vintage set.


Almost any rig can be jazzed up with a custom part or two and there seem to more than a few makes of mics doing the rounds at the moment with LED lights running all the way down the cord. Not a huge fan of these myself but they can easily be used as a distraction to mesmerize people and stop them noticing your banged up rig if for some reason your ashamed of it.

More modern sets are starting to offer a level of blending with your dash by giving the option to change the color of the display, the Cobra 29 for example. Certainly beats the method employed be an old friend who would randomly fit different colored plastic over the lights on the front of his rig to changed the way it looked, which is just more proof that some people have way too much time on there hands.

My Take and the “Room”

Being more interested in the inner workings of a radio I don’t have a problem with using a set that’s got half the case missing and a huge amount of wires hanging out of it provided it works. As is common in many relationships my wife doesn’t share my feelings on this which is why she insists all my radio gear is “quarantined” to a single room in the house where she can close the door and at least try to forget its invaded her orderly world.

Do I complain? No chance, a room to myself where I can tinker without the fear of things being “tidied” while out of the house is perfect. Besides when safety is relevant to a single person instead of those passing through there’s not so much need to cover up cables to stop the unaware getting the odd surprise electrical shock 🙂

Over to You

We would love to hear your view on how you like your radio equipment to look and if buying secondhand kit is something that you’d rather do than splashing the cash for new gear?.

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