We’ve looked at CB customization before and even if it takes a while to find one that you like the look of there’s more to going down the custom route than a prettied up radio. Along with the additional artwork that comes with a good custom CB radio they will have been tweaked to improve the overall performance.

When CB’s roll of the production lines they’re setup quickly to bog standard specifications but they can often do so much better. By taking the time to run a CB through its paces on the correct test equipment so much more can be done.

Through altering the power output, modulation, received audio and the tightening up on the actual transmitted frequency, a peak and tune maximizes what the circuity can do.

Zombie Amps CUSTOM Uniden 880 CB Radio

Zombie Amps Custom Uniden 880 Cb Radio

Zombie Amps Custom Uniden 880 CB Radio
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Although Zombie Amps have done great work on the classic “silver box design” radios in the past its good to see a more modern design like the 880 getting the treatment.

Redman Custom Tuned General Lee CB Radio

Custom Tuned General Lee cb Radio

Custom Tuned General Lee CB Radio
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The General Lee is one of those classic big rigs that still holds there price very well in the used market (when looked after models are put up for sale). Given a going over by Redman can only make a great radio that much better.

Increased Resale Value?

If you ever want to get rid of the custom CB it will generally fetch a higher price in the secondhand market than a basic model but finding a buyer does come with its own problems.

A used CB can be cheap if your only looking for something functional and not many people are prepared to pay a premium for custom jobs (new or used).

This hugely narrows your potential customer based but this can be helped by going where the real CB enthusiasts hang out like CB forums etc. You’ll usually find that forum members will spread the word of what’s available to the wider CB community very quickly.

Different Forums have very specific rules about advertising so make sure you give them a quick read before jumping in.

Beware The “Phantom” Tune

Both these radios come from a dealer with a great reputation and a long history with radio communication equipment and you can ensure your getting everything that’s stated but it isn’t always this way.

Some CB radio repair centers or sellers have been known to offer peak and tunes then give the CB back to the user without doing a single thing. Because its so difficult to prove they haven’t altered anything it almost never comes back on them.

Reputation is key when letting another person mess around inside your CB.

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