Really like to spend a good chunk of my time on the weekend going through the many good CB and hobby radio forums to see what everybody is doing. Its always a great snapshot of CB radio along with showing how 27 MHz is performing through the endless DX reports posted.

While digging around the Mauldroppers CB radio forum, I found this fantastic YouTube video of a monster homemade 80 foot CB antenna tower. Designed to be lowered by hand and by the looks of the heavy duty construction, built to last many years.

One of may favorite parts of the video is where a camera is mounted on the tower while its hauled back into place, showing the view from the top.


Video Courtesy of MisterPersuasion

Great Location

The other thing I took away from this video was what a great location this CB’er has with what looks like unlimited room for any antenna type he wishes to put up, we should all be so lucky 🙂

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