Its not very often I splash out on brand new CB radio kit, as the vintage stuff really floats my boat, but this time there’s just no choice. No more being limited to the FM only that comes with my ageing Harvard 410T’s when camping on mountains this year, as within a fortnight I’ll be the proud owner of a shiny Albrecht AE2990 Full Mode Handheld CB Radio

Albrecht AE2990 handhand ssb cb radio

Albrecht AE2990 Handhand SSB CB Radio

Playing the Waiting Game

Even though I’ve been steadily putting my pennies away, if it wasn’t for an online company ‘mislaying’ a payment instead of just sending it to my credit card (its not that hard), I’d have my new toy already.

The thing is, this farce is in its 3rd week now and although it will be fought until the cash is in my hand, there’s times when it feels like all the jumping through hoops isn’t worth the amount of money that’s drifted off into silicon heaven 🙂

Still its all good as even without this problem being sorted, there will be enough cash in the kitty to wander off and get the Albrecht soon enough.

AE2990 Specifications

I like the wideband properties of the Albrecht and properly sorted out it’ll be good for 27mhz along with the 10 Meter ham band just above it. At 4 watts its a bit under powered on the SSB side when compared to a standard mobile CB radio, but its a handheld unit and more power = hideously short battery life.

The plan is to get my hands on a modified model that allows me to pick the bands without having to open the radio up and mess about inside. I’m no stranger to doing mods on radios, but would like to get this right out of the box and be able to use it straight away.

Review Pending

I,m going to do an extended review on this radio as its a big part of my mountain operating this year. Thinking of partnering it up with something like a short Firestik (lightweight, durable, perfect for camping and could even be strapped to my rucksack) to get the most out of it.

Will have to be careful with the amount/type of coax or it’ll really weigh me down 🙂

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