Is it just me or has there been a slow down in the rate the legacy CB radio producers are bringing us new shiny toys. Waiting for the likes of Uniden, Cobra and others to bring out truly new rigs is painful.

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Cobra have been riding high for a long time on the back of their 29 LX range with every conceivable look and tweak added to the CB to “create” the appearance of something new (can anyone say “camo”) and Uniden seem to be content with their last (credible) spawning, in the shape of the 880/980 CB radio.

Both these companies have other products like handheld PMR transceivers which must make the CB side of their business seem like small change.

If their response to releasing new CB radio products is market driven, and you can bet they have a team full of people just for that task, then that has to be a concern.

There’s Always the Used Option

On the other side of the coin, sales of used CB’s are very buoyant at the moment especially in Europe, mainly from the introduction of SSB as a legal transmission mode. Always keeping a check on eBay in the hope of adding another piece of CB radio history to the collection has made clear that many older sideband models have found their way from wherever they’ve been hiding, back into the real world.

With the lifespan of a well built (cared for) CB radio and the amount that were sold during the crazy years, I’ve often wondered where they are being kept and how many are slowly rotting in an attic corner somewhere.

Its no wonder some tried and tested older sets have become flavor of the day again when you consider the cash outlay buying a brand new sideband capable rig involves.

The Waiting Game

Even if we have to wait til the end of the year, here’s hoping we have a new set of radios that even though we may never buy ourselves, gives us somethings shiny and new to look at 🙂

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