This is a little bit of a CB Radio mash up, but there’s at least some useful items and other CB ‘stuff’ you don’t see everyday.

The CB’s themselves are fairly basic mobile models, but there’s a few half decent SWR meters, some stock mics, a power supply that will run a legal rig nicely and one thing I’ve not seen in many years, a 27mhz Preamplifier.

Also if your looking for a bit of throw-back nostalgia there’s an echo chamber that you can wind right up to the max and seriously annoy all the local breakers with 🙂

CB Radio Job Lot

CB Radio Job Lot

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With just over 3 days to go on this auction, the seller has timed it well as everything comes to a head at 8pm on Saturday night. At the time of writing the current bid is £21, meaning if it stays around this mark and your open to reselling some of this gear separately, you could make a little bit of money.

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