I’m the sort of person who will buy a CB even if there’s a chance it will never get used. This does leave a lot of scope for adding to a collection, but only if I can handle the radio first (not a big fan of sourcing radios online and it usually has to be something special to twist my arm).

Having a very nomadic lifestyle means stuff comes and goes with the odd radio still left in the homes of distant friends. Now age has tempered the wandering (at last) it seemed a good time to get it all together and back to building up a collection of CB radios (the more vintage the better).

Always open to ideas outside of my favorite radio types meant heading off to YouTube to see what other people have in their shack. Stuck gold early on with this video from RadioHamGuy (WD0AKX) where he’s showing off a nice (and extensive) range of vintage handheld CB radios.

WD0AKX CB Radio Video

This guys channel is well worth spending some time on (and following) as there’s something for everybody, no matter what flavor of hobby radio your into and there’s always new content being added.

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