Fitting a mobile antenna to a vehicle that’s going to do a good job when the optimal wavelength for the antenna runs about 18 foot, is (and will always be) a compromise. Its even more of a challenge to work out something that’s going to get your signal past the end of your street without adding a dangerous extension to your vehicles design 🙂

Having all that efficient antenna length coiled up into a tight space does cause something of a drag factor on the antennas performance when compared to an unleashed base station CB antenna, but there’s just no getting around it.

The bulky base loaded coils of the past have gone to be replaced with sleeker and less visible versions.

Sirio’s Turbo 5000 Mobile CB Antenna

Sirio’s Turbo 5000 mobile CB radio antenna has a heavy wattage rating considering its compact design. The ability to handle 1.5kw over long periods or up to 5kw for short bursts should be enough for all but the most mental mobile CB setups.

Length from base to the tip of the whip is a total of 79 inches, which while putting it in the mid range for mobile antennas is still a manageable size (depending on where its mounted).

Sirio Turbo 5000 CB Radio Mobile Antenna

Sirio Turbo 5000 CB Radio Mobile Antenna

Browning BR-140 Mobile CB Radio Antenna

Browning are known for their showy open center coil antennas but also produce more sedate mobile antennas like this Browning’s BR-140 Mobile CB Antenna

Suitable for both 27Mhz CB and 10m ham band, the BR-140 only has a nice short 49 inch whip section while the one and half inch wide base keeps things tidy. The picture does make it look a lot like its the shortest CB whip in the world but someone has just chopped out the middle bit to make the image more manageable 🙂

Browning BR-140 CB Radio Antenna

Browning’s BR-140 CB Radio Antenna

Getting it Fitted

Both these antenna have multiple fitting options with mag-mount bases available if your not into a more permanent installation, just be careful before you buy as each antenna has a very specific base fitting.

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