In an effort to branch out a bit and give this site more outlets (and visitors) Ive been messing around with the more visual side of social media (Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr etc). Although some of these sites aren’t useful for our type of site and some have completely the wrong demographic, Tumblr has come up trumps with more than a few radio related blogs to share/follow.

air force QSL cards

If your not familiar with Tumblr its a highly visual blogging platform with the emphasis on lots and lots of pictures. Most visitors seem to come from inside Tumblr itself so its a good idea to spread other peoples posts around by adding it to your own blog. Sorry if that’s not the best explanation but I’m still getting to grips with how it all works 🙂

QSL Card Collection

Anyway, along with all the blogs showing some excellent pictures of new and old CB gear is one with a HUGE collection of old QSL cards. Just a little WARNING before your head over to the collection, some of the cards are a little on the naughty side so you may want to move the kids away from the computer first.

It looks like the blog also has outlets on Flickr but always find that picture site a little clunky, you can view the front page of here or for a quicker way of getting through the cards go to the archive pages.

You can see this guy has put in a ton of work and its a shame that my old QSL cards have got lost somewhere between the many moves Ive made over the years or photos would be winging their way over to the collection.

Some radio enthusiasts have voiced the idea that the Internet has damaged hobbies like CB radio but Ive become a believer that its enhanced what we do by the vast amount of information that it gives us. Just imagine how far you’d have to go in the real world to see this collection if it was ever displayed in one place.

If your interested in how Tumblr looks you can take a look at our young Tumblr blog here

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