A few days ago (23 Dec) marked 2 whole years since we started this website and boy has it grown in that time. Visitors are permanently on the up (just the way we like it) and the newsletter now has a healthy following (at last) and its all down to you and the other CB’ers who are using this website.

This just goes to show that despite all the doom bringers, CB radio is still alive and kicking as we move on into 2015.

Birthday cake

Things We Didn’t Know 2 Years Ago

Its been an interesting ride with some truly annoying moments along the way but at the same time its been one big slice of education too.

1. The platform this sites built on is called WordPress and isn’t as user friendly as it likes to think it is. Tweaks have to be made to get the styling you want and every update often breaks some feature that takes times to fix

2. The level of spam on the Internet is unbelievable, from the usual comment spam to junk sent via the contact page and email, right through to the amount of bots and crawlers assaulting websites every day and silently stealing bandwidth.

3. Visitors from search engines are not a guarantee and exactly like shares, can go up as well as down 🙂

If we could go back to the start, less time would be spent waiting for the search engines to realize we existed and more effort put into finding our own visitors.

Some Of Our Most Read Content

Every website has pages that get more readers, either because they’re more accessible our have better search engines rankings. It OK to have readers but if they don’t spend anytime on a page its all been for nothing.

Deciding what’s being enjoyed more can be measured better by the average amount of time spent on a page than how many people viewed it.

Have to say its been a while since I took a proper look at our analytic’s and the top 4 results for most time on page have changed a lot recently.

What CB Radio Has The Longest Range

Showcasing Your CB Radio Gear

Best Handheld CB Radio

CB Radio Amplifiers

Writing for a website isn’t an exact science and once you’ve followed a few basic rules the rest is something you have to pick up as you go along. Its true to say that some of the earlier posts on How To CB Radio are seriously lacking in many areas but they are a great reminder how it began and we don’t intend to change them much.

Forward Into 2015

Last year we complied a new years resolution type list for this website and most of them were put into place as we wanted. The ones tossed aside were either technically impossible or too time consuming to maintain.

This years list will be made along the same lines with obvious doable items that have been brewing and a few outlandish things we wish we could do, its always good to dream 🙂

Right at the top of that list is more social media integration into the site. Love it or hate it, the extra time spent on Facebook, Twitter etc has made up where the search engines let us down and bought a much more interested type of visitor with it.

Have A Good Christmas

This is the last post of 2014 and we’ll be back and all fired up in the new year.

We hope you have a good Christmas and get some nice CB related presents the year 🙂

All the best from Rizzer and the How To CB Radio Team

Birthday Cake Courtesy of Wikipedia (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported)

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