The island festival is always a good reason to spend a morning listening to 11 meters and its nice to hear those big signals flowing into my radio.

For a change I decided to use my software defined radio setup instead of the physical CB radio and it makes all the difference finding transmissions. Might have to use this in tandem with the CB transmitter in future, provided the RF from the CB doesn’t do damage to the SDR 🙂

Morning Propagation Not Too Bad

There was a good mix of European stations heard but the one station that seemed to be dealing with a huge pile up was 104IR/EU-014 on Corsica island (27.605Mhz). With strong signals coming into me from across most of Europe there was proper two way conversations heard as the station calling in was clear (most of the time).

Had 104IR/EU-014 for a good few hours in the morning, then the band shifted massively around midday and they disappeared down into the noise floor 🙂

Also had 14IR/PI (Printegarde Island) for a short while before they too want for a swim in the static.


Will give it another go sometime this afternoon to see if conditions have got any better.

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