Maybe you’d rather not let people know you use CB radio or stripping all signs of your hobby from a vehicle every time you walk away is becoming a real chore. Hiding the fact that there’s a CB being used can be difficult and does add a whole mess of performance limitations.

The CB Transceiver

The CB radios themselves are easy enough to hide away inside, even when dealing with smaller dashboards. As electronic technology has been miniaturized so has all the personal devices we use everyday and Citizen Band radios have not been left out.

Cobra 75WXST 40 Channel CB Radio

Cobra 75WXST 40 Channel CB Radio

Rigs like the Cobra 75WXST can quickly be unplugged, stashed in the glove back or taken with your when not using the vehicle. The small junction box that’s left behind can be fitted out of the way, so its not visible to anybody looking through the windows.

Even when running a bigger box CB it doesn’t take that long to get the thing unplugged, provided you’ve used the right connectors. A typical vehicle leaves you with plenty of little spaces to keep the rig out of sight when driving, with space under, to the side of the drivers seat or stuck away in the glove box.

You don’t even need to suffer the microphone wires trailing about everywhere these days as there are some fairly good hands free solutions that make it look exactly like your using a mobile phone.

Making the in car side of a CB setup invisible is easy and (when done right) won’t alter its performance or ease of use.

All looking promising so far?

The CB Radio Antenna

A full size base station CB antenna will always work better than a mobile version because its designed to perform. Mobile antennas have to be smaller just to fit them on the vehicle safely (or it could get very messy) and every level of shrinking impacts how effective they are.

Taking an antenna that does well at 27Mhz and trying to pass it off as a normal radio or mobile phone antenna will reduce your transmitters range no matter how clever the design. Even keeping an electrical length of 1/4 or 1/2 wave, but doing this in a coil instead of a straight up configuration screws with performance.

Who’s Going To Know?

There are some very good compact CB antennas on the market and I believe the latest one I looked at was around 50cm tall. That sort of height shouldn’t attract too much attention if it didn’t look a whole lot different from stock music radio antennas that are fitted to vehicles.

If you couldn’t give a hoot about what an antennas being just for you’d never notice and the secret would be safe. On the other hand if your on the look out for tell tale signs that there may be something worth breaking into a car for then you’ll spot it straight away.

Possible With Compromise

If a severely reduced range isn’t a major headache then running a stealth mobile CB radio setup is feasible, even more so if your prepared to work out an antenna design that blends in with the crowd and still results in a “good enough” SWR reading

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