How to get better CB radio range from your setup?. Its easy to achieve if you take a good look at your station and make some improvements in the following areas…..

  • Alterations or Improvements to your Antenna System
  • Transfer of Power from the CB to the Antenna
  • Increased Power Output from the CB Transmitter

Making changes in all these areas will give any CB radio a much better overall performance.

Alterations or Improvements to your Antenna System

Your CB radio antenna is key to how good your radio reception is either on transmit or receive.

If your antenna is mounted down low or boxed in by your own or other buildings this is going to severely cut down on the effective range of the CB, try and arrange the antenna so the base is clear of the rooftop and if possible higher than any other structures nearby, keeping in mind to secure it properly against high winds.

Large metal objects near the antenna will also degrade its performance and can completely changed its electrical profile drastically.

Transfer of Power from CB Radio to the Antenna

coil coax

CB Coax Cable

Examine the path from transmitter to CB radio antenna looking for bad or dirty connections, even the most shiny aerial connector will pick up a fair amount of rust and dirt after being left outside for a few months and should be checked on a regular basis.

Also make sure coax is the correct type and good quality with no damage or cuts to the outer coating.

For every foot of extra coax cable a small bit of transmitter power is lost through leakage, so a lot of unwanted length is going to cut down on the amount of power actually getting to the antenna.

Increased Power Output from the CB Transmitter

This is a really effective way of increasing the transmit range of any CB either by modifying the radio itself or placing a booster or “RF linear” between CB and antenna. Every country has its own laws on how much power your allowed to use with the off the shelf CB radio sets being limited to that level.

Adding more power will most likely put you in breach of that law and if not done correctly can result in interference to users of other services (televisions etc) in the local area, leaving you facing fines and having your equipment taken away. Please check your country’s laws before proceeding.

And Finally The Fluke

A lucky side effect of having CB radio on the 27MHz frequency is the chance that your transmissions will be heard much further away than normally possible. Governed by the solar cycle and propagation in general, this effect is more of less random although an optimized antenna does help.

There you have it, the 3 best ways to get a better range from your CB. I hope you have enjoyed this article and it has helped you in some way.