Some believe the Internet has harmed CB radio by giving easier instant worldwide communications at any time of the day a night, but that very same access to information at the flick of a switch has improved CB radio for veterans and newcomers to our hobby.

CB Radio Reviews

With the decline in the number of places actually selling CB’s and unless you happen to live near one of the remaining few the days of taking a quick walk down to the local CB shop and having a tinker with a new radio you may be thinking of buying are gone along with the fantastic support and information these outlets used to provide.

This is where a media rich internet really comes into play with videos of the sets “in action” and countless reviews and product specifications to look at when choosing a new CB radio.

Not all product reviews are unbiased with many just there to make a sale without considering the needs of the end user and the best ones can be found in online radio magazines and some CB forums.

CB Radio Modifications

With so many new and vintage CB models in circulation there are always modifications that can be done to improve how the sets operate and if there is something about your radio that you would like to change or just want a better performance there is a good chance someone will have tried it already and put the information online for all to see.

CB Radio Forums

There are not as many of these as there used to be but the surviving ones have become a wealth of information. Taking a good look through an active forum can reveal band conditions, other users thoughts on new CB radios and operating tips.

Getting involved in a good forum is a great addition to talking to people on air by giving you a better understanding of the hobby and talking to some very dedicated users.

CB Radio Products

The amount of people shopping online increases every year because of low prices and choice, as CB equipment has become harder to buy in the “real world” this choice online can only serve to give us more of what we want without being limited by only the radios stocked by our local shops.

With the ability to very quickly compare prices and any deals offered by sellers you can guarantee that you are not paying too much for a shiny new radio.

Used CB Radios and Spare Parts

The second hand market for CB’s is alive and kicking on the web and whether your looking for a few parts to fix one you already have or a fully working set there are many places online to buy from.

Remember to use a bit of caution when buying a used CB online as its not just enough to turn it on to check if everything is OK as they are complicated bits of equipment. Please read our buying a used CB guide first.

Places to Find Information about CB Radios

  • YouTube (Videos of new and used CB equipment)
  • Forums (Excellent for expert advice and real life product reviews)
  • (THE best source for up to the date information on our hobby)
  • eBay (Hundreds of radios for sale and a good source of product and pricing information)
  • (A huge amount of technical data on modifications for CB and Ham radio)
  • Local CB shop (If you have one remember these people do this for a living and can be very knowledgeable)

The net has given us access to the sort of information we wish we had at our fingertips when starting out on our love affair with Citizens Band Radio and making use of it can only make this wonderful hobby more enjoyable.

Internet photo courtesy Wikipedia

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