It was a long time coming and unless you were proactive in the campaign or kept an eye on CB radio news, the steps that bought us the right to use SSB (legally) may have passed you by.

Reports from the bodies that govern how we use the radio spectrum are (and will always be) pretty dry stuff. Working your way through a whole mess of them could bring on an early bedtime and add little substance to our hobby.

sideband RF signal

On the other side of this mammoth battle for SSB is the countless CB users who worked toward this outcome by signing petitions, writing letters and raising awareness of the campaign itself. Most official records never really see the light of day but details of opinions and progress that’s there for all to see are dotted around the few long standing hobby radio forums and the 7 year long thread over at Transmission1 has to be the best.

From the original calls to sign a petition to the optimistic (and doubtful) CB’ers when we finally started to see some movement on the issue, the thread gives a great cross section of how the possible introduction of SSB was viewed by the wider CB radio community.

Mission Complete

Even for all the information this piece of history throws out, its good to see the thread closed now as there’s no more to add on the subject.

There’s a mountain of detail in the thread and if you don’t have the time to go through it all, its still worth skimming the pages to catch the change of mood as legalization moves closer.

Hopefully Transmission1 will keep this piece of CB history up and available for all to see as long as possible.

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One Response to History Of SSB Fight Detailed In 7 Year Forum Thread

  1. arthurphillips says:

    You say it took 7 years to get SSB legal in this country on CB, you dont know the half of it. It took 17 years to get SSB legal as a form of professional communicatioms. In 1940 a man called Dick Richard Thornley pioneered SSB and it took him untill 1957 to get it accepted as a form on radio communications that used very little power to acheive what had relatively been accepted as the norm, AM which took as much audio power to acheive as it did radio power so for 4 watt rf you would need 4 watt of audio, SSB took RF to a different power you only used rf in bursts and there was not the audio power associated with the production of the RF. In 1960 we took SSB to the masses and now we all use it, 12 watts of power is an awfull lot of power and could get you round the world if conditions are good, it beats AM FM and any other mode for a fraction of the cost. Richard Thornley worked for the Racal organisation in England, He was a freind of mine in the 60s and he was a professional engineer and Radio Amatuer to boot. He built the transmitter and receiver all in valves, his work I believe is in the science museum, oh yes he was G2DAF

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