Creating a high power CB radio setup normally needs the addition on a separate linear amplifier slapped on the output of the CB. This brings a few more connections in the transmission line and all the extra power leads that go with running an amplifier.

Unfortunately (and by design) purpose CB radios don’t come with that lump of extra power fitted as standard, but there’s a solution to this problem in the form of Stryker’s range of 10 Meter mobile ham rigs.

With fairly simple modifications these 60 watt radios can have their range expanded to work on 27Mhz without any loss in all that lovely RF power output (typical range 24-30 MHz).

Stryker SR 655HP CB/Amateur Radio

The Vanilla model (AM/FM) version has all the look of a traditional CB radio with the most noticeable exception being a frequency readout instead of the usual channel display.

See Full Details, Customer Reviews and Current Price for the SR655HP over at

Stryker Sr655hp cb ham radio

Stryker SR 655hp CB/Ham Radio

Stryker SR 655 Quick Specs

60 Watts PEP
7 Color Display
Adjustable Power Control
PC Programmable
6 Roger Beeps (with the option to create you own via the PC programmable function)

Stryker SR 955HPC CB/Amateur Radio (Full Mode)

The SSB capable version has the same layout apart from the additional controls needed for sideband operation.

See Full Details, Customer Reviews and Current Price for the SR955HPC over at

Stryker Sr955hpc cb ham radio

Stryker SR 955HPC CB/Ham Radio

Modding the Stryker for use on 27Mhz

If your of an age where you remember the hoops you had to jump through just to get some extra channels on vintage CB radios, you’ll like the very straightforward method of giving the Stryker radios an increased operating range.

Its just a case of removing 1 resistor link and your away. You may want to check the radios doing exactly what its meant to be doing afterwards (or even better, get the rig peaked and tuned by a technician).

All the information about the 27Mhz modification can be found over on the CB Tricks Website

If your not happy messing around inside the radio then please pay someone qualified to do it for you. This isn’t expensive compared to what you’ve already splashed out on the CB and may save you from breaking a brand new radio and bleeding your signal over 10 channels either way.

If you’ve ever paid good money for a used radio that’s had a previous owner poking around inside with a screwdriver and randomly turning pots without the equipment to measure the results, you’ll know the sort of damage that can be done to the rigs overall performance.

Give the Stock Mic a Chance!

Stock CB microphones shipped with new radios sometimes get a bad reputation (which can be justified), but the mics shipped with Stryker CB’s have been well received for many years.

Before slapping a replacement on, it could be worth giving the ‘as is’ a go and see how it performs.

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