I’ve been regularly checking into 26CT1994’S YouTube channel for a while now as the man has a serious passion for vintage rigs (how could I resist). Along with the vintage eye candy there’s lots of useful information for setting up and running a CB station, but what caught my attention this time round is the high ground portable CB radio videos he’s started doing.

With a touch of perfection (in a good way) the station setup and locations are great. If almost makes me feel ashamed of the half arsed stuff I throw together when hitting the mountains during the summer 🙂 , there’s also a nice slice of drone footage thrown into the mix.


26CT1994 Dunstable Downs

26CT1994 Wendover Wood

Love the spot right by the road in the second video, although a place I’m sure I’d never consider. I like to be well out of the way when playing radio outdoors as people can be very funny these days when it comes to something they don’t understand.

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