If your a bit more serious about your CB radio activities it can be a good idea to keep more detailed records of who you talk to and where they are with additional details like equipment and power output being good to know when your trying to judge the effectiveness of your CB radio setup. This information can mount up quickly if your spending a lot of time on the air chasing DX, especially during the good propagation we sometimes see in the summer months.

Old school pen and paper will only go so far, can quickly become a mess with a huge potential for double entries and doesn’t give a searchable database of information leaving your time taking up thumbing through pages of CB user data rather than doing the actual CB thing of talking to people.

Taking Only What You Need

Although there are a huge amount of freeware logging programs available for the radio hobbyist many are aimed toward the radio amateur. That doesn’t mean they can’t be used by the CB’er especially if they can be configured to take out the more specialized features of no use to the average CB DX’er.

Its not all redundant features though and once you do away with the transceiver control features that many of these software packages include that CB radios are not designed to use you still have some useful features.

One good feature to look for no matter what side of hobby radio you enjoy are world maps that instantly give a proper heading of the signal (handy for checking the transmission footprint of your CB antenna) along with accurate distance measurements.

Using What You Already Have

If your mixing CB up with shortwave listening there may be a ideal logger attached to one of the data decoding software packages already on your computer, the free cross platform Fldigi software is one that instantly comes to mind.

Winlog32 is another logging program that’s been doing the rounds for many years now and is the combination of countless hours of design and tweaking. Although only available for the Windows operating system it does cover everything for Windows 95 all the way up to the brand spanking new Windows 8 release.

You have to respect radio enthusiasts that dedicate themselves to what are lifelong projects like the software listed above then give them away to radio users the world over.

Possible New Hobby Directions

Playing around with software designed for the other sides of hobby radio that you’ve not dived into yet can be a learning experience and open up plenty of other interests.

Not every logger program is going to work for you and once you take away all the functions it can sometimes just be a matter of personal choice. Taking the time to check a few of the excellent free logging programs out there is a lot better than being stuck with something that drives you crazy every time you try to use it.

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