Not so much a CB radio field day as a no tent wild camping outing with radios in tow, I thought its about time to introduce a little video to this website. Odd that I don’t do more, but maybe that’s because most of the footage ends up on my wild camping blog (after all its a good fit)

Perhaps its been for the best though as its taken me a while to get used to my Go Pro and even more when it comes to editing the raw video afterwards 🙂

The Location

CB radio high ground DX wales

Picking a favorite spot of mine has many advantages like, I know my way around, traveling here is easy enough and it overlooks Newport in South Wales, the Severn estuary and allows a decent copy into Bristol and way way beyond.

This mountain (and the many nearby) are above my original home town of Cwmbran and the place my lifelong passion for mountain camping/radio field days began so many years ago.

The CB Radio Equipment

The bulky Harvard 410T CB handheld is having another run out as even though the money for a shiny new Albrecht AE2990 SSB handheld CB radio is resting nicely in the bank, my time has been taken up hiking and wild camping instead of going to pick the thing up!

Will have to bite the bullet and buy it soon as the summer weather (and more wild camping opportunities) is well on its way.

It would be a waste of altitude (and time) not to take a radio scanner on this trip, so also spent time messing around with my GRE PSR-255 handheld.

The clips are a little random as I was mainly recording for my camping blog (I’ll make the effort to do more next trip) but I hope you enjoy the video and it gives you an idea of what I get up to on the summer weekends 🙂

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2 Responses to First Summer CB Radio Field Day 2016 (Video)

  1. Andy says:

    Hi Carl,

    Look’s like you had a great time and for once had some great weather…;-)

    If your ever up in North Wales you’ll have to drop me a line and pop in for a brew…


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