The FCC have been busy recently punishing CB users for various violations.

A $14,000 fine was handed out to a Florida CB operator, $7000 of which was for the refusal to let FCC agents inspect the CB transmitting equipment, a refusal the owner of the CB equipment denied ever happened.

The FCC were alerted by the ever familiar route of a neighbor complaining about interference to electrical items around their home. Using direction finding equipment which was no doubt aided by the big shiny CB antenna on the roof they tracked the signal to the CB’ers home QTH were the apparent refusal to grant access to the CB transmitter was made.

Fine For Linear Use

Another CB user from New York could be looking at an even higher amount of $22,000 after being caught using a RF linear amplifier. The size of the purposed fine looks to be based on the fact that earlier warnings issue by the FCC were ignored with $5,000 slapped on top for not taking action on previous FCC communications

Interesting to see the FCC forcing the issue that non cooperation on any level is going to result in a larger fine if they do evidently find you being naughty with your CB radio. Owning up could be a good idea but its always going to be hard to judge if you can dodge the problems altogether when that first knock on the door comes.

Both men were given a month to come up with the money or enter into negotiation with the FCC to have the fines reduced or canceled all together.

CB Makes Us Easy Targets

To get the most from CB radio you’ve got to whack up a nice big antenna and unfortunately this make us all such easy targets when things go wrong.

If your using a RF linear at 27 MHz then there’s real potential that your going to annoy anyone living close by but sometimes a legal output CB can cause more than enough problems without any extra power added.

Keeping a check on what the final output from you CB looks like by the use of a spectrum analyzer is an expensive option but can alert you to any stray signals signals generated by faulty equipment.

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